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Oakland Is My City


Our City Is Changing

The tide is turning for Oakland. Our economy is thriving. Our community is buzzing with excitement for the future. And our great city is getting much-deserved recognition and appreciation. We want to keep the momentum going. Oakland Unified School District plays a huge role in rewriting our city's narrative. Working with us means committing to this mission of change. For the sake of our amazing children, we truly want to be the best possible version of Oakland. Making a difference in the lives of Oakland youth will resonate in the community for years to come.

Our Children Need Dedicated Educators And School Leaders

Our students come from incredibly diverse backgrounds and cultures. They need dedicated educators and leaders who will serve their needs by engaging with them authentically and powerfully. Oakland Unified School District is looking for teachers and staff members who can passionately and wholeheartedly provide this engagement. If any of the following describes you, we believe you will excel at OUSD.

You understand our students’ diverse needs

Engage with our inclusive student community where diversity is celebrated and all students feel our commitment to ensure that they thrive.

You are bilingual

Develop meaningful relationships with students by communicating with them in their first language.

You believe that not all learning comes from a book

Make learning come alive for Oakland's young people. Inspire, challenge, and lead the change.

You empathize with adversity

With fierce compassion, you understand that difficult situations beyond our school walls bring unique challenges to the classroom. Because you believe wholeheartedly in their potential, you will hold our students to the highest standards.

You want our city to thrive

You believe that Oakland’s success depends on our students’ success.

Support Yourself and Your Family With Your Passion

A career at OUSD is one where you can dig deep, find your passion, and truly make a difference. Join our team to discover a fulfilling career. Check out everything we have to offer below.

You want a career to make a difference

At OUSD, you’re not supporting yourself and your family with just any job. You are doing rewarding work that makes a real difference in the community.

You want a compensation package that supports you and your family

We take care of you and your family with our comprehensive benefits package.

You always want to learn and grow

OUSD is deeply committed to developing our employees and positioning them to do their best work. We support your growth and development through peer support and mentorship programs.

You want to stay in Oakland

You know how great our city is and you have high hopes for its future.

Seeking Special Education Professionals

We are in need of leading minds to join our special education team. If you don’t have experience in special education, OUSD’s Grow Our Own initiative provides individuals with the opportunity to become full-time teachers and obtain Special Education teaching credentials. Check out our resources below for more information.


We invite you to browse our open positions below. If you do not find the ideal role, submit your information to our Talent Community to be considered for future roles.

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